About Us

Bio Fresh India is engaged in farming, manufacturing & marketing of Certified Organic Herbal, Medicinal, Aromatic Plants, Species, Essential Oils & Cereals in raw and processed form, and provides world best approved varieties of plants and also provide A-Z training (farming to post harvesting).

Healthy & Nutritious Organic Food

Stay fit and healthy by ordering our products in just a few simple steps. We will make sure you receive your boxes with fresh organic food only and right on time. It’s fun and delicious!

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100% Organic

Our fruits and veggies are grown according to the organic food principles, and is 100% secure for you to cook and eat.

Super Healthy

We are aiming towards spreading
ISO certified organic products in the market, which are freshly BIO FRESH INDIA  produced and packed by the farmers.

Premium Quality

We have 10 years of
experiences in the field of organic herbal farming.